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Horseback Activities we offer at Midgard Stables

What We Offer

Horseriding for big and small, for beginners and advanced. Join us for a blissful experience on horseback at Midgard Stables. And if you have any special request, then please let us know.

Activities for Children

Horse-riding starts with getting to know your pony and feeling comfortable on and around the horse.

Getting to know your horse from the ground
N$ 50

PONY TIME FOR CHILDREN (30 min approx.)
Leading the child riding the horse
N$ 150

LUNGING SESSION (30 min approx.)
Safely experiencing the first trot and / or canter
N$ 250

In the arena
N$ 350

Activities for Adults

Being out in nature and feeling one with the horse is simply the best. We have developed a range of trail rides to meet guest’s individual needs and expectations.

‘PONY TIME’ FOR ADULTS (30 min approx.)
Safely leading the novice rider on horseback
N$ 250 / EUR 15

THE WARTHOG TRAIL (1 hour approx.)
Guided trail ride for the beginner rider
N$ 350 / EUR 20

THE LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (1hour approx.)
Guided trail ride for the advanced rider
N$ 350 / EUR 20

THE LOOK-OUT TRAIL (1 1⁄2 hours approx.)
Guided scenic trail ride onto the mountain
N$ 400 / EUR 25

THE GAME VIEW TRAIL (2 hours approx.)
Guided trail ride to view wildlife
N$ 600 / EUR 35

SUNDOWNER RIDE (2 hours approx.)
Late afternoon outride with snack break at scenic spot
N$ 500 / EUR 30

Activities for Groups

Most activities for children and adults are also available for groups. The following activities do however require a minimum participation of 4 or at times 6 members.

PICNIC RIDE (3 hours approx.)
Group outride to the picnic spot including catering and other logistics as agreed upon

PONY PARTY (typically half a day)
Activities on and off horseback incl. catering and deco as agreed upon

PONY ADVENTURE DAY (typically a long full day)
Activities on and off horseback incl. catering as agreed upon

HORSE CAMP (typically 3 to 5 days)
Activities on and off horseback incl. full boarding at lodge or bush camp and extra activities as agreed upon

Special Requests

Photo shoots with our horses are quite popular. Naturally, we can’t guarantee any particular outcome, but we regularly try to suggest new ideas for settings and scenes, and the horses are generally motivated to cooperate. Apart from that, kindly contact us if you have any other ideas or if you are looking for a package-deal.

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